In cooperation with company MiCROTEC, an x-ray scanner for tree stems was developped. This device is being used by the Forest Research Institute in Freiburg i.Br. / Germany.


Development and production of a high-precision scanner for dentistry.

CTX9000 Luggage scanner

For the  American company Invision Technologies, the chassis and the complete mechanical design for the X-ray scanner CTX9000 is designed and produced within a joint venture of three medium-sized Swiss companies.
These scanners are serving at airports for the screening of passenger luggage.

(Photo courtesy by: Airport Basel / Mulhouse) 
Con-Trex test and training systems

CMV AG has developped and manufactured biomechanical testing, therapy and training systems, sold under the brand name CON-TREX.

For this product line we have an own  Website with detailed information. 

From middle of 2010 on, german company PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG has taken over the brand, though we have been continuing to produce for them.

Further projects completed
  • Project management for development of a handling system for continuous-profile-grinding-machine for grinding endless belts.
  • Vibration damping for high-precision drilling machine (accuracy category 3 microns) for glyco-metal works.
  • Design for a solution for determining the orientation of luggage on conveyor belt (airport security) and building a functional model.