We offer our vast experience in mechanical engineering and mechatronics (medical devices, drive engineering, power transmission, sensor and measuring technology,  industrial X-ray, optical scanners, etc.) for the following services:

  • Brainstorming / Finding ideas / Act as "sparring partner"
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analysis
  • Calculation of motion/drives/stability
  • FEM, static / dynamic
  • Design of X-ray systems
  • Design of optical systems
  • Evidence calculations
  • Life cycle calculations
  • Mechanical construction (Inventor 2008 and KeyCreator 6.5.2)
  • Electric construction
  • Electronics- and Softwaredevelopment (in close cooperation with reliable partners)
  • Manufacturing- and assembly planning
  • Evaluation of suppliers
  • Prototyping, special machines and serial products


We are pleased to offer to you whatever suits you best - from various individual services to the conducting and the implementation of entire projects, from an idea to the finished product.

As a small company, we work in a powerful network of specialized SMEs in northern Swiss region, but remain ourselves the main responsible party towards our clients at any time.